The Ten Commandments of Digital Marketing

If I asked you to name a few friends who aren’t online or connected in some way, I am sure you would be hard pressed to do so. In this age of the digital customer, marketing too has to be geared to the miniscule attention span of a webpage surfer. Today, the question cannot be if you need digital marketing but how do you get it right. Here are a few tips – the Ten Commandments – that can guide your digital marketing strategy.

1.       Thou shall have a clear understanding of what your social media presence is saying.
Social media is a tool, and it is essential that you learn to use it as effectively as possible to create maximum impact for your brand.

2.       Thou shall understand the target audience.
They make or break your digital media strategy. Get a fair idea of what they are looking for, their likes and dislikes, what is popular in the social media domain and assess how these can help you achieve your goal.

3.       Thou shall be interactive.
The social media is called “social” for a reason. The novelty might have worn off, but only because this means of communication has become a standard. Unless you stay regularly active, your audience will lose interest.

4.       Thou shall respond to all comments…
Even negative ones! It is good PR practice to respond promptly or provide appropriate answers to complaints. Arguing with a complaining customer is never a good idea, just keep them informed.

5.       Thou shall re-purpose content intelligently and save time.
Make sure you change some elements or highlight different portions of your content to target varied audiences.

6.       Thou shall not spam.
Before sending out emails, newsletters or any kind of communication meant for advertising, remember your target audience. The “spammer” label once applied is not easily shaken off.

7.       Thou shall make it searchable.
People like to click, but only if it is to the point and honest. Keep your links short, but not so short that they don’t get the context. Again, remember too many internal links makes it look like spam!

8.       Thou shall not underestimate the value and reach of a blog.
Make sure to post original content as much as possible and find the right social media to post it. Also, post often enough to keep your audience interested but not so much that their reaction is “Oh no! Not again”.

9.       Thou shall make good use of followers.
Once you’ve built up a community of online followers, use them as a resource or sounding board for brainstorming ideas.

10.   Thou shall clean up after thyself.
If a particular profile of your company is no longer active, get rid of it. Your brand image takes a beating with a neglected social media site.

In addition to the above, it is also important to have an effective method to measure success of your online marketing strategy. You don’t need to be a technical wizard to run a successful digital marketing campaign, but being innovative and aware of the latest trends in your particular sphere definitely helps.


We are sure you will have your own list of commandments. Do share them with us, we would love to hear from you.

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